Lady's bedstraw - 50g

Lady's bedstraw (Galium verum) cleanses from disease agents kidneysliverpancreas and spleen. Who has the disorder lymph glands should drink tea every day. It is also effective against anemia, dropsy, in pain (stinging)...


  1. Description of herb

  2. Healing effects

  3. Preparation and dosing

  4. Side effects

Binomial name

Galium verum

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Commonly called (often known as)

Yellow bedstraw

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Store in a dry place at a temperature up to 25°C

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Description of herb

Lady's bedstraw (Galium verum) - a perennial, up to 100 cm tall herb with small, yellow flowers is a very common herb in our country, growing on dry, especially foothill pastures, meadows and slopes. The flowering stem is collected.

In folk medicine, it is sometimes replaced by Galium mollugo L., Galium aparine L. or Galium silvaticum. All these replacement species bloom white. In the old days, Lady's bedstraw was highly valued by women who had difficulty with the uterus. Before the hard hour, they put an herb in their bed to give them an easier birth. This custom was previously attributed to the Virgin Mary.

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Healing effects

The drug is very effective in urology because it is very diuretic. It reduces appetite, so it is used against obesity. It is one of the best medicines for the oral cavity, where we apply it in the form of chewing fresh herbs or at least steamed dry drugs.

Lady's bedstraw also has strong anti-rheumatic effects, which is little known. A combination of internal and external treatment is used. Slurry compresses are applied to swollen joints, as well as to furuncles. Ulcers, non-healing wounds and skin inflammations and mild burns. It is also effective for night cramps in the legs, when the drug is administered internally.

Lady's bedstraw cleanses the kidneys, liver, pancreas and spleen from diseased substances. If you have lymph node disorders, you should drink tea daily. It also works against anemia, hydration, and pain (stinging) in the side.

Tea used externally very quickly cures skin diseases, wounds, ulcers, acne. Warm washing quickly heals withered facial skin. Freshly squeezed juice is successfully used when we apply it to diseased areas of the skin, after painting it allows the juice to dry.

Folk medicine recommends Lady's bedstraw for epilepsy, hysteria, dance of St. Vita, nervous diseases, urinary arrest (urinary retention), the formation of sand and stones. Tea also helps with goiter, if we gargle very thoroughly during the day.

Lady's bedstraw also helps in creating a dude on his neck. The plant is steamed and often warms as deep as possible in the throat with warm tea daily.

Recently, cases of vocal cord paralysis have increased. It appears to be a viral disease. Gargling and rinsing with tea from aphids quickly heals.

Lady's bedstraw is also a reliable remedy for very severe kidney disease, pus of the kidneys, even when all other remedies fail. A mixture of Lady's bedstraw and Goldenrod is very effective. This mixture achieves success very quickly. About fourteen days. The tea is just brewed and it is first drunk half a cup on an empty stomach thirty minutes before breakfast and the rest is sipped during the day. In case of severe illness, four cups of tea should be drunk during the day.

This mixture is also drunk during wrinkles in the kidneys and other deadly kidney diseases.

Rinsing and drinking Lady's bedstraw tea is an excellent remedy for tongue cancer, similarly, fresh juice mixed with butter is an effective remedy for cancer ulcers and skin cancers.

It is also possible to cure cancer ulcers. Recently, malignant skin diseases have been multiplying, appearing as dark, sharply demarcated spots. It is said to be an infectious disease. In this case, a good result is achieved with fresh juice from Lady's bedstraw.

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Active substances

  • glycosides galiosin
  • asperuloside
  • rubiading glycoside
  • essential oils
  • enzyme parachymosin
  • resin
  • tannins
  • saponins
  • minerals

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Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, disinfectant.

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Recommended at

  • non-healing wounds
  • skin inflammation
  • burns
  • night cramps in the legs
  • skin diseases, wounds, ulcers, acne
  • epilepsy
  • goiter
  • obesity

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Preparation and dosing


Preparation: 1 teaspoon per 1/4 liter of water, boil and infuse briefly.

Dosing: Drink 3 times a day



Preparation: Soak the quiz for an hour and centrifuge in a moist state.

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Side effects

Objective contraindications and side effects are not known.

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