Apple Box (Eucalyptus) tincture - 25 ml

Eucalyptus/Apple Box tincture is disinfectant, helps overcome easier the symptoms of colds. Beneficial effect on the bronchi, especially when you cough, promotes normal breathing.

It helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. Helps maintain healthy joints and muscles...


  1. Description of herb

  2. Healing effects

  3. Preparation and dosing

  4. Side effects


Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) leaf extract in 70% alcohol in a ratio of 1:4

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Store in a dry place at room temperature. Do not store in direct sunlight or in frost.

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Country of origin


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Description of herb

Eucalyptus/Apple Box (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) - an evergreen tree ranging in height from 10 meters to the highest and 90 meters - comes from the Australian savannah, belongs to the same family as myrtle and today is artificially grown in tropical and warm areas around the world, such as South and North America and Africa.

It did not reach Europe until the 19th century and is grown in southern Greece and the island of Crete, in Italy in most of the south, Sardinia and Sicily, in Spain and Portugal for the aromatic substances contained in its leaves, known for their respiratory effects. system (eucalyptol essential oil).

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Healing effects

Eucalyptus has beneficial effects on human health, has antiseptic effects and promotes healing processes. Eucalyptus tincture has disinfectant effects, helps to overcome the symptoms of colds more easily. It has a beneficial effect on the bronchi, especially when coughing, and supports normal breathing.

Essential oils also act against some viruses, such as measles or herpes, and also against convulsions. Eucalyptus also has an antiseptic effect, so it is used on wounds. It also reduces fever and can help with headaches and migraines.

Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. Helps maintain healthy joints and muscles. In the form of ointments, it relieves rheumatic pain.

In addition to its disinfecting effects, it also protects against the formation of various viruses, relaxes mucus, and helps with colds. It works well as an antiseptic gargle, easily numb and disinfect. Eucalyptus tincture is also used as a stimulant.

Veterinarians use eucalyptus tincture as a medicine for horses when they get the flu. Dogs get it as a canine disinfectant.

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Active substances

Eucalyptol essential oil (cineole), tannins, aldehydes, bitter resin.

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Anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, anti-parasitic, antibacterial agent and is used for infections and bronchial problems. It has a warming effect and has calming effects on rheumatic pain.

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Recommended at

    • cough
    • supports normal breathing
    • helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
    • contributes to maintaining healthy joints and muscles
    • also protects against the emergence of various viruses
    • releases mucus
    • helps with colds

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15-30 drops 3 times a day after meals.

A daily dose of 60 drops corresponds to 400 mg of dried eucalyptus leaf.

The best way to maximize the effects of eucalyptus is by inhalation. When inhaled, eucalyptus tincture perfectly cleanses and refreshes the nasal cavities, and also has a beneficial effect on the human psyche. Eucalyptus tincture suppresses anxiety, panic and acts against depression. It not only releases mental blocks, but also breaks down physical exhaustion.

Inhale eucalyptus tincture, you will breathe better and prevent yourself from the flu. Put 2 liters of hot water, eucalyptus tincture (3-5 drops) in a bowl. Inhale the steam under the towel. You will breathe better.

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Side effects

Eucalyptus tincture is not suitable for asthmatics and young children when used internally. It does not show any side effects when used externally.

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